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Assalamualaikum and helooo everyone. Anyway happy holiday la. hm its already 25 of december. Next yr i'll face pmr and ...this is absolutely terribly sucks la for me. u knw wht? i h8 my school ok. sebulan lebih aku duk kt kampung pastu aku mintak ngn ibu aku nk sekolah kt kampung tapi ibu tak kasi. lepastu aku ckp kt ibu aku nanti bila form 4 nk sekolah kt kelantan and my mum said up to u la. and i was like yezzzzzzzz!!!!!! hahaha ok bye. see u in the next post.

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Assalamualaikum and helooo ppl. It've been almost 5 month i didnt update my blog and now.... IM BACK!!! hahah didnt update my blog not because im busy but im too lazy. Actually i've moved to ipoh perak since august. When i knw my mum got transfered to ipoh perak...im burst into tears :-( .. ya i feel very sad because im gonna leave my besfriends. My bestfriends are my priority and they're everything to me! and i admit that i love my besfriends more than i love my OWN family *shh please dont tell anyone bout this*. New school?  hahaha guess whats my school's name ha? Smk Tg Rambutan. Ey im deadly serious bout this ok. Mula mula sekolah kat situ sumpah memang boring gila nak mampus. I SWEAR!!!! I got no friends and im alone. Pastu jumpa balik lah kawan-II lama masa kt sktr dulu. I claimed them as my 'musuh lama' sbb masa zaman kanak-kanak ribena dulu kiteorang selalu gaduh sampai lah aku pindah jb. Tapi sekarang dah naik sekolah menengah kan jadi masing-II dah matang. So now i got two new bestfriends at that school. They're puteri and bebe. *tapi jujur kengkawan kt jb lagi gempak ok*. Both of 'em are quite ok lah. Selalu lah jugak gosip gosip ngn diorang berdua ni. Anyway we hate the same person, we hate the same teacher and so on. Tapi yg berbeza nya si puteri ni dia 'kpopers' and im a kpop hater. hahahaha and now im gonna talk bout my final exam results. hm result exam aku menurun gila sia. Pend.Islam yg selalu dapat A pun sekarang dapat B. And my english also....from A to B. but i dont even care bout that. Sape suruh aku tak belajar betul-betul. Next yr dh PMR la aiyoo. hahahahahaha ok lah stop untill here. bye x

15 facts about me
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Assalamualaikum and hello. What's up guys. Long time no see. Hahaha. Today i'm going to post about 15 facts about me. i'm really bored right now and i've no idea to post about what. Okay. lets start with 15 facts about me.

1. I love to eat and i eat a lot like obviously and the main purpose why i eat a lot of food is just because i wanna gain my weight. 

2. For me, learning english is fun! But sometimes i get bored.

3. I love science. For me its interesting but in my opinion , we should abolish mathematics cuz that subject always makes me feel stress like shit.

4. I have four siblings and I'm the eldest. 

5. I love One Direction, Eminem and The Wanted. 

6. I hate fake attitude.

7. In my opinion, Niall Horan is flawless and please stop hating on Niall.

8. I love to eat chocolates and candies. <3

9. I do not have a boyfriend. NEITHER BOYFRIEND NOR CRUSH! :b

10. I love Twitter more than facebook. Twitter is awesome ! Follow me there guys! hahaha.

12. I have many bestfriends. <3

13. I want to be a succesfull scientiest or maybe lawyer one day. InsyaAllah. 

14. I love Converse shoes.  But I only had 3 pairs and I want more !

15. Last but not least, my mom always be number one in my heart. 

I think its perfect enough. Hahaha. Bye guys. See you in the next post. xo